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File Added 8/1/2014 9:00:00 AM

2014 B-Mod Rules

2014 B-MOD RULES Frame: Factory production complete American passenger frames only. Framed rails must extend to point beyond the base of driver’s seat. Rear clip may be fabricated out of tubing. Front and rear pickup loop required.

Body: Same as A-mod rear spoilers optional 5 inch max height.

Wheel base: 108” min. 112” max. both sides.

Roll cage: Must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1 1/2” tubing .095 must be frame mounted in at least 6 places. Min 3 drivers side door bars and min. 3 bars in front of driver.

Weight: Min. 2,400 lbs. with driver after race with open chamber OEM heads. Double hump heads vortec heads or after market heads must weigh 2,500 lbs. with driver after race ,must weigh 2550 lbs after race if running Bert, Brin or falcon transmission. NO TOLERENCE!!!!!

Tires: American Racer KK704 max tire width of 9” tires may be re-grooved. May run 8” asphalt takeoffs. Must durometer 50 after race.

Rear-end: Any passenger car or truck rear-end may be used, no aluminum or quick change devices allowed. Floaters are allowed.

Brakes: Disc or drums front or rear. All brakes must work and RF shut off ok.

Bumpers: Must have front and rear bumpers.

Engine: Must use cast iron v8 style engine. Max. CID-GM 361 CID, Ford 360 CID, Chrysler 370 CID, no larger cubic inch parts allowed. No aluminum valve train parts allowed. Stock appearing crank and rods only. No aluminum or light weight engines allowed. A min. 1’ plug above oil level in the oil pan for inspection. Stock appearing harmonic balancer, no 400 blocks or 400 parts allowed, no stroked or de-stroked motors.

General Motors: Must be 3.48 stroke and 4.060 max. bore but use following blocks – 3892657 – 3914678 – 3932388 – 3932386 – 3956618 – 3970000 – 3970006 – 3970010 – 3970014 – 10066033 – 10066036 – 14010207 – 14010209 – 4010287 – 14016376 – 4016379

Heads: GM 3986336 – 3986339 – 3986339x – 3986338 – 3932441 – 3973487 – 3973487x – 3973493 – 3951598 – 468642 – 333882 – 3998920 – 3998991 – 3998993 – 3998997 – max. 2.02” 1:60 exh. Valves. Vortex heads are allowed. Stud may be pinned or screw in studs,Stud girdles ok, roller rockers ok. Polly locks ok, No porting polishing or alterations of any kind to intake or heads. No bow-tie or angle plug heads allowed. Double hump heads are ok. This is the only small chamber head allowed. World product # 4266gn8b or IMCA EQ head # ch3501 is the only after-market head allowed must have stamp and serial # flat top pistons only. Must use flat tappet cams and lifters. Any length push rods allowed.

Ford max, 360 CID any ford cast iron OEM head with inline valves (no canted valve) max. valves 2.04” – 1/70” exh. No SVO heads or gtp heads. World product s 53040 ok, dart 13311112 or rhs 35302. No porting polishing. Flat milling ok. Guide plates screw in studs (0.375” max) and poly locks allowed. No stud girdles, roller rockers ok, Flat top pistons only. 3.50 max crank stroke.

Chrysler max. 370 CID any OME cast iron head with inline valve (no canted valves) no vlaves larger than 2.04 Int. 1.70” Exh. No porting or polishing of heads flat milling allowed. No w-2 heads allowed. Or you may use rhs20300 or 20302. My use OEM rockers arms bars. Flat top pistons only. Max crank stroke 3.58.

After market heads allowed....Ford #53040 world product Dart 13311112 RHS 35302

Chrysler RHS #20300-20301

Chevy EQ# CH3501,CC167EF2, Dart 10024367,10024360, World product 043600, 53030

Track has option to enforce these restrictions with CID pump or by visually checking parts and part numbers. The center of the crankshaft must be within 2 ½ “ of centerline of the ball-joints. No dry sumps allowed.

Rear suspension: Two options aftermarket three link or multi leaf spring design. All components must be steel all mounts and brackets must be welded or bolted solid. Three link design min 16” lower control arms. Must use one upper control arm solid tube only (pull bar) no springs or biscuits. May use min 19” long pan hard bar located behind housing or min. 19” long j-bar mounted to steel pinion bracket measurements are from center of heim to center of heim may mount rear spring directly over axle housing or use coil over eliminators (sliders) lower spring perch or coil over mount must be welded to housing. No birdcages or floating mounts allowed. Birdcages must be locked.

Multi-leaf spring design must use steel multi-leaf springs with no additional suspension besides one shock per wheel.

Rear-end: Any passenger car rear-end allowed, must be centered in chassis. All components must be made of steel. 9’ floaters are ok. No quick change devices allowed.

Shocks: No aluminum shocks allowed. No coil over shocks allowed. One shock per wheel only.

Carburetor: Must use unmodified Holley 500 cfm with 4412 base you may remove choke butterfly but must have choke horn with or without 1” carb spacer. Must pass go-no-go gauges, no altering of carb from original specs.

Intake:ANY aluminum Intake manifold. No Air gap intake. GM Weiand 7547-1, GM Edlebrock 2101 Ford 7121, Weiand 8023 Chrysler 2915 allowed if using vortec heads Edelbrock 2166.

Transmission” Any 2, 3, or 4 speed trans, all forward and reverse gears must be in working order. Automatics may run gate valve. Standards my run 7 Ό” min mini clutch.

Bert, Brinn, or Falcon type transmission allowed.

Driveshaft: Min dia 2”, must be painted white with car # on it.

Electronics: All cars must have On & Off master switch clearly marked on & off. 12v Ignition only, Hei type distributor only. No Ignition boxes or remote coil accessories. No electronic traction control allowed and Oem fire order only.

Headers: Any collector type header allowed. No zoomies.


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