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File Added 1/15/2014 11:59:00 AM

2014 Non-Wing Micro Rules

2014 C.V.S. NON-WINGED TURF CAR RULES Driver: Min. Age 13 with parental release form on file.

Engine: Any stock 2002 or older 600cc motorcycle engine allowed F4’s and YZF’s are also allowed. R6 engines allowed. Stock means as they come form the factory. Stock type pistons only. Any air cleaner assembly allowed. Any exhaust allowed. No fuel injection. If motor has injection from factory it must be changed to carbureted style. After market ignitions (BLACK BOXES) are not allowed. No timing advancers. No modifications to timing gears (drilling or slotting) not allowed. Charging system must remain in motor. Any 520 or 530 sprocket will be allowed.

Roll Cage: Must be at least 1” x .065”, 1 1/8” x .062, or 1 Ό” x .062” wall thickness. Roll cage must be chrome alloy steel or equivalent material. Front section of cage no farther back than steering wheel. Roll cage must be constructed in a safe manner and safely built. Min. 3” above helmet to roll cage. Seat belts must be mounted to cage.

Suspension: Tread max. 50” with min. 32” center to center. Wheelbase 70” max, min. 50” center of front axle to center of rear axle. Rear wheel drive only. All suspension bolts must use locking type nuts.

Bumpers & Nerfs: Bumpers must extend past the front and rear tires. Nerfs must not exceed tire width on either side. No sharp edges. All cars must have front and rear bumpers & nerfs.

Electronics: On & Off switches must be mounted on dash, cowl, or on steering wheel and must be functional. No radios allowed. One battery only.

Transmission: Motors must have trans with all stock gears in working order. Any car equipped with a shifter must have it mounted in driver’s compartment. Chain guards mandatory from front sprocket to center of rear axle.

WEIGHT: 700 lbs with driver after race*. Any ballast added must be securely mounted with 2 ½” bolts and painted white with car # on it.

Fuel: Pump gas or racing fuel or methanol.

Shocks: Steel or aluminum shocks. No adjustments in cockpit.

Brakes: No front brakes allowed. Brakes must be in good working order.

Wheels & Tires: 8” or 10” wheels in any combo of any type allowed. Beadlocks are ok. turf tires or racing rubber are allowed. Sipping and grooving allowed, Tires must durometer 50 after race.

Body: All cars must have complete body. Must have metal firewall between engine and drivers compartment. No rearview mirrors allowed. All fuel tanks must be equipped with one way check valve designed to prevent spillage in the event of a rollover.

Mufflers Mandatory and must keep car at 95 dec. or less. No super traps allowed

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