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2015 general rules

2015 CANEY VALLEY SPEEDWAY GENERAL RULES Anyone entering the pit area must buy a pit pass and sign a release form. Minors sign all minor sheets and there own release. All cars will pack the track when asked to do so. IF YOU DO NOT PACK YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PACKING POINTS. All cars will have a fully charged fire extinguisher and must be in a quick release style mount and within the drivers reach. No cars will have any ignition components within the drivers reach at any time. All helmets, fire suits, and race cars will pass inspection of a race tack official. No pit crew will enter the track at any time. If they do the driver and car they are with will be disqualified. No exceptions. If you need some one to look at your car go to the hot pits. No alcohol in the pits during the races. Wait till after the races to drink. If you are found drinking in the pits during the races you will be asked to leave. Second offense will result in suspension of the remainder of the season Any driver to be found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be suspended for the remainder of the season. No warnings. No driver change after hot laps will be allowed, you will lose all season point and money if caught. Anyone acting in a un-sportsman like conduct on the track or in the pits, will be DQD and it will be left up to track officials as to term of suspension. Anyone who is involved in a yellow and stops forward motion will go to the rear. Anyone who is charged with two cautions will be sent to the pits. Anyone intentionally hitting, spinning, or wrecking another car will automatically receive the BLACK FLAG. You will forfeit all points and money for that event. Excessive speeding in the pit area will result in the driver being suspended for two weeks for first offense. Second offense is suspension for remainder of the season. Tire changing is only allowed in the feature events and can only be done in the hot pits located on the back side of turn two and in turn four if you go to your pit you are done for that race. You may not start the race on a flat tire. Any fighting will result in a one week suspension from track, second offense will result in suspension for the remainder of the season. Any fighting with track officials will result in a trip to the local jail and you will be banned from track indefinitely. Drivers are responsible for the pit crew and any family members in the grandstands. All cars must have a # on the top and both sides that are legible from the tower to be scored. If a track offical tells you to do something, and you refuse to listen, bringing the promoter to the situation, you will be disqualified for that race. C.V.S. reserves the right to change or modify any rule at anytime in an effort to improve competition and ensure safety. Racing is a dangerous sport, drivers entering speedway assume all risk and liability.

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